When I hope strongly "I want to put something into parols," I neither think "I want to put something in voices" nor think "I want to put something in letters. " The hope only means “I just want to put something into the very parols." According to such my sense, I think “parols” certainly exist somewhere separately from voices and letters, but it would be impossible to put the existence of “parols” itself into parols.

Could I grasp the parols itself separately from voices and letters ? What about utilizing formative arts to grasp the parols ? This theme has always induced me to make art works.

There have been a variety of frameworks in poetry all over the world, such as restriction of the number of letters, meter and styles. These countless frameworks include everything, from prerequisite conditions for the formations as the poems, to routine concepts that started as mere techniques.

Though our own language grammar has a great influence on our thought and cognition, we have been able to use parols as media to express anything freely by giving frameworks to the languages. In other words, the only moment when we can control parols is that we are able to treat the parols as our "expressions", which has been our purpose of creating the methods of generating languages (frameworks).

And what is more, the parols that are generated by using the frameworks we have created on our own, paradoxically, may contain meanings and emotions that we can not produce only by our daily arbitrariness, which has been the object of our appreciation that also stimulates our senses for language.

I want to create a topos where parols are generated.